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Doctors Chambers

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About Bodycare Clinics

Bodycare Clinics is affliated to a number of entities, providing a one-stop solution to the personal injury market. Our group of companies is fully integrated, utilising the same IT and Accounts platform. We operate from a two fully integrated sites with excellent communication between the various divisions. Our primary focus is the customer.

Integrated Solution

  • Our clients have easy and single access to a range of services
  • We provide an end to end solution
  • The claimant has one point of contact for a wide range of services
  • We can enhance and re-enforce our customer's brand at multiple touch points
  • We can integrate IT systems and have done so with many of our customers
  • A high level of clinical governance and control


Our Markets

Our services span a number of markets, allowing us to leverage our investment in our business.

  • Personal Injury Medical Reports
  • Rehabilitation
  • Clinical Negligence Medical Reports
  • Document Explanation & Signage
  • Report Writing Software
  • Information Management Software
  • Bespke Software Development
  • Life Assurance

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Job Opportunities

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